Well, here’s a compelling reason to take a break from Oscar season for a moment: a brand-new red band trailer for Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine‘s ode to Florida’s most hallowed of traditions, has just been released. Like last time, there’s an equal amount of encouraging and disconcerting content, which means we’re just as confused about whether or not this is going to go the route of Gummo or end up more like Showgirls as we were before. Except now, we get to see Disney stars do bong hits and snort lines and sexually harass James Franco a little.

First, the good: there’s been a 75 percent decrease in the use of the phrase “spring break” in this one, we get to see a snippet of what will become the Infamous James Franco Gun Deep-Throating Scene, and the beat doesn’t drop on whatever dubstep song is playing in the background. Next, the bad: they’ve hinted at more of the plot, and some of it appears to center around Selena Gomez being the weakest link because of some kind of bible study background. Also, there’s a monologue about how the American dream = money and somehow Franco’s southern accent makes it sound a little bit too earnest and makes the writing sound as though this sounds like a new thought being discovered, so ew. As for the ugly: we’re still looking at James Franco with cornrows, only now, we can also see his god-awful tattoo of the state of Florida. Also, it appears there’s going to be some kind of pandering three-way action in a pool, which, we’ve learned anything from Wild Things or episodes of Jersey Shore, does not bode well for this film’s staying power. Either way, check it out above.