Everyone has one; that uncle or aunt or cousin who is always slightly beyond drunk at family functions. Sometimes they are cringe-worthy, sometimes they are slightly irritating; most of the time they are completely embarrassing. Young director Jordan Vogt-Roberts took this iconic black sheep of the family and made a 25-minute film about them.

Successful Alcoholics first premiered at Sundance in 2010 and it’s been riding the film festival circuit hard ever since. The story follows Drake (T.J. Miller) and Lindsay (Lizzy Caplan), a successful young couple with cushy office jobs and a matching set of raving alcohol addictions. We see them negotiate their jobs, their stupid suburban friends and each other in a series of drunken hazes that culminates in a soul-searching moment when they can’t find anywhere to drink in Denver.

The visuals are always crisp and clean, with the framing reminiscent of the best black comedy has to offer. It is dark in a should-I-really-be-laughing-at-this kind of way, but there are definitely some laugh out loud moments in this, most awesomely in the scenes of Drake in his office. I want a job where I can scat and quote Notorious B.I.G.