Crashing. The economy is crashing. We might have to default. We might have to leave the Eurozone. Our city is slowly getting destroyed. Our lives may be changed forever. These terrifying thoughts and many others will go through a Greek citizen’s mind at least ten times a day, if not more.

So how is it that Thanasis Tsimpinis manages to escape this euro nightmare when he lives in Athens, Greece a.k.a. the cornerstone of some of Europe’s biggest economic difficulties?

Tsimpinis is a film creator who also directs and edits his work. When describing what it’s like to work on a project, he explains it as a memory-evoking experience, “When I dream about an idea, I visualize it to the last detail. Every video of mine reminds me of where I was at that point of my life and what my thoughts and feelings were, it’s like a diary.”

Dreaming is something that most Greek natives have lost the ability to do. Luckily for Tsimpinis, he learned about his creative outlet at a young age. Growing up, cinematography was always something that Tsimpinis admired. Despite his interest, he wanted to peruse a different direction for his formal education. At the age of 18 he attended The Democritus University of Thrace and focused his studies on social administration.

Sometime between his freshman year and graduation he ended up buying a camera. Tsimpinis then filmed his friends during vacations and trips. After spending much time behind the camera he decided to peruse a video editing class in 2008. Just like that, he was hooked and one year after his class he had created two short films for art-based events in Thessaloniki. His fast pace creativity comes from a very common root — emotion.

“It starts with a feeling and the need to share it. My ideas come mostly from my personal life using dream-like situations and metaphors to tell the story. I listen to music and let myself submerge into the atmosphere and be inspired,” Tsimpinis said.

Tsimpinis grabs his inspiration from artists who he believes are aesthetically perfect. With names including Roman Gavras, Tim Burton, Chris Cunningham and Iamamiwhoiam we can begin to see how his creative edge developed.

“I like to think my videos are urban fairy tales. Most times, I channel a feeling using surrealistic images in a magical environment. Everybody loves magic,” said Tsimpinis.

With obviously an extraordinary state of mind, Tsimpinis has been able to film and create videos that leave artists and viewers with an enchanting feeling. His talents have caused him to be a global success with a little help from his friends, the band Keep Shelly in Athens.

Needing music to complete the finishing touches of his music video “M I N E,” he contacted Keep Shelly in Athens and asked if he could use their song “Running Out Of You.” The rest is history.

“They loved it and a week later we had our first meeting. We shot “Our Own Dream,” their first official music video and we had it premiered through Pitchfork [musical festival], which was thrilling!” Tsimpinis said.

After such a successful and mystical video, Tsimpinis has decided that “M I N E” is his favorite piece of work he has completed to date.

The 6th Athens Video Art Festival, the 7th and 8th Naoussa International Film Festival and Festival Miden 2011 and 2012 are just a few Greek film festivals that have selected Tsimpinis’ work. So we get it, he has awesome accomplishments, but is there anything this guy can’t do?

“Keeping yourself inspired and evolving, as an artist while never settling down with what you already know is the biggest challenge for me. You have to struggle everyday to keep doing what you love,” Tsimpinis said.

Staying true to his words Tsimpinis will keep doing what he loves. This September he will have his sixth personal music film released and will soon be uploading a fun D.I.Y. homemade soap video. He’s Greek, a video guru and makes soap for fun. He’s Thansis Tsimpinis; what’s not to love?