Those lovely entrepreneurial people at Kickstarter are super generous. They want to give new director Adam Newport-Berra his very own Thanksgiving for just a dollar. Rather, they want to make it possible for YOU to give him Thanksgiving for a dollar. A small price indeed for a feature film whose teaser trailer promises great things.

Thanksgiving is the title of Newport-Berra’s new project over at Kickstarter. Born and raised in Oregon, he moved to NYC for film school and has since been working as a cinematographer in the city for six years. The narrative of his proposed feature film centers around a young couple, Amy and Alex, who are all set to spend their lives together. Then comes Will; he is introduced as Amy’s brother but there is something not quite true about that introduction.

The work so far is handheld and contains great contrast between a snowy ridge over the Hudson River Valley and the warmth and certainty of the Thanksgiving dinner back in Brooklyn. The classic love triangle plot aims to present Generation-Y New Yorkers in all their complex urban glory; the quest for success and independence is played out against more traditional values of life-long devotion and an emotional connected-ness beyond the merely material.

Newport-Berra plans to shoot the film in March this year. You can have yourself a very economical Thanksgiving by pledging support here.