This summer has been sort of a dull summer for movies at the box office. But the weeklong The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, starting tomorrow, offers locals of the boroughs some relief from the summer heat and the cinematic bore.

Since the festival’s debut last year, the festival has expanded and will be premiering 45 films. Each night of the five nights of showings (except for the 8th), the festival offers a collection of short films of a particular genre and a feature film.

Though each film is somehow related to Brooklyn, either by director or film content, the festival does not fall short of having a diverse selection of styles or genres. Whether you watch film to laugh, to cry, to learn or to be amazed by some innovative filmmakers, you’re cinematic pallet will be satisfied.

In addition to handfuls of world premieres, this year The BoFAA is increasing its range of films because it has become a part of the ExChange, a network of film festivals across the nation and Europe. Be excited, because The BoFAA is the only film festival in Brooklyn offering guests a chance to be a part of this international network of films.

Joseph Shahadi, the executive director of the Art of Brooklyn, anticipates seeing several of this year’s films including Pillow, directed by Miles and Joshua Miller, one of the four films that is a part of ExChange.

“While these films may or may not have a connection to the borough their inclusion in our festival reaffirms Brooklyn’s place as an, international center for independent film, which is an important part of our mission,” Shahadi said.

Tickets are affordable and the evening shows make it easy to be a part of the festival after work. But if you have to pick and choose, here are some quick rundowns of a couple movies…