Parker Posey is the female version of ‘That guy’ — you know, the type you see crop up in every TV show/arthouse gem/trashy comedy you watch. It’s easy to sideline Posey to supporting roles, but she’s coming into her own of late, and with a winning turn on FX’s Louie alongside Louis C.K, it’s hard to ignore that Posey is one of those personalities you just don’t forget.

You might remember Posey from the roles that crowned her an ‘Indie Princess’ back in the 1990s, such as Party Girl or Dazed and Confused. But you might be trying to ignore her turns in schlocky comedies like Josie & The Pussycats and Spring Breakdown. Regardless, while we wait to find out if she will be the right match for Louie (hooray for another season!), we’re happy to fill the gaps in your memory with a breakdown of Posey’s most memorable roles.