Since the news came in last week that Ashton Kutcher is set to play Steve Jobs in the upcoming independent film about the Mac wiz’s life, we’ve been pondering the history of the celebrity biopic (and thinking about Ashton Kutcher a little bit more than usual).

We thought that Two and a Half Men may have ruined any chance of Ashton actually being taken as a remotely serious actor, but apparently filmmakers think he’ll be perfect for Jobs’ journey from ‘wayward hippie’ to the tech-savviest of them all. While I think Kutcher is somewhat underrated as an actor—Butterfly Effect anyone?—he also has a lot of shit clogging up his IMDB filmography, including Cheaper by the Dozen, Dude Where’s My Car?, and the could-have-been-good-but-wasn’t No Strings Attached. But he does actually look a hell of a lot like Steve Jobs, especially with an overdue haircut and some strategically placed facial hair (see above).

And not only is it Ashton who’s scored a better role than the being new Charlie Sheen—Lindsay Lohan’s got a break from playing herself. For whatever reason (still unknown), LiLo has been offered a role as Elizabeth Taylor from Lifetime, as long as she completes her probation, of course.

So, surely anyone can star in a biopic at the moment if Ashton Kutcher is the most successful guy of the last decade and even Lindsay Lohan gets a gig? We thought these match-ups seemed to come right out of a ridiculous prediction post, so we thought we’d put some of our own out there and see how they go.

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