In this video from Vice‘s VBS TV, Alexyss K. Tylor—the host of Vagina Power—shows that she’s more than just feminist rage and frank discussions about sex.

Vagina Power was only shown locally on a public-access network in Atlanta but, similar to the national syndication of Aurora, Illinois’ favorite public-access show Wayne’s World in the 90s, it found a wider audience thanks to YouTube. Alexyss co-hosted the show with her mother from 2006 and it featured conversations on dating, rape and feminism, while teaching its primarily-female audience the importance of “vagina power“ (or, “the exact opposite of what Tom Cruise’s awful character taught in Magnolia”).

While it’s her off-the-wall manner that made people pay attention, it’s the more solemn side of Alexyss that the Vice team uncovered when they met with her in Atlanta. In this video she talks about the abuse she encountered in her youth and why her mother will never join her on the show again.

The video’s a little longer than our attention spans usually accomodate, but you’ll be glad you stuck with it until the end. Find out more about Alexyss and her upcoming sci-fi/sex thriller on her website.