First comes the kiss, then comes the next part… Both a rite of passage all on their own, though they may create the same reactions: anxiety, hesitation, discomfort, uncertainty, and a general sense of confusion and awkwardness. We’ve all had different experiences, but this list seems to ring true for most and independent filmmaker Jack Turits has surely encapsulated these emotions perfectly with his short film The Virgins.

Simple in premise, the film is composed of two characters: the guy and the girl teenager. We don’t see too much of a back story, but it’s not needed. Even with minimal dialogue, we’re aware of the film’s subject, introduced surrounding a somewhat expected prom storyline, to help get the meat of the point across, just in case we were flailing in confusion. Both characters are slightly dopey yet entirely affable—in other words, true.

Having written, edited, and directed The Virgins through his own production company Turits Film, you might call this Jack Turits’ ten minute lovechild—raw, disconcerting, and all-too-real, but also intriguing and incredibly satisfying.