This is something anyone who lives in a city can relate to: no matter how mind-numbingly repetitive your daily commute is, there is a fleeting instance, upon emerging from an underground subway entrance, that is rife with a sense of tension, newness and vibrance. Sub City, a new short-film series directed by Portable Film Fest alum Sarah Klein, re-creates this sensation by filming, in the first-person, the exodus from multiple NYC subway entrances. With a minimal piano number serving as the film’s soundtrack, the camera captures the gradual emergence, via elevators, escalators and stairs, into Midtown, Chinatown, Grand Central and other NYC hoods.

New episodes of this series, featuring the London Underground, the Paris Metro, the Moscow Metro and the Hong Kong MTR, will be released on a regular basis. All video is shot, produced and directed by Klein and her partner, Tom Mason.