As a film maker, Kurtis Hough’s 24-second video pathetically racked me with nausea and crippling anxiety. You know what’s going to happen, there’s a timer telling you when it’s going to happen and there’s a cruel counter racking up dollars as you nervously watch, teeth clenched. Then comes that gutting squelch of the sand and sea and everything is over: rest in peace, camera.

Don’t try and make films because that’s how much an expensive, loyal camera like Hough’s 5D mark ii can tear you apart. Hundreds of viewers on vimeo likewise expressed their condolences for Hough’s loss—“my heartfelt sympathies”; “I feel your pain”; “mother nature can be a fickle mistress.”

Take heed, filmmakers, and let this be a lesson to all of you: don’t shove your camera in the sand, meters from the water while you’re filming a horizon.  It’ll only end in tears.