Everybody loves a good list! Is there a better feeling than spotting the word’s ‘TOP 10… OF ALL TIME!’ and then trawling down the list to see whether you agree?


So, with a little bit of ado, I present the Top 50 Film Composers Of All Time – in five parts. I’d like to make a couple of notes; firstly this isn’t the greatest film composers of all time list, there are a number of notable omissions, it’s more of a list of composers that I’ve found noteworthy for some reason or another. I’d also like to apologize for the minimal female contingent on the list, there really are very few female film composers out there. Music is possibly the most under-appreciated aspect of a film and unless we really listen for it, most of us go unaware of just how much music can make or break a moment, scene or even an entire film. Here we go!