True Grit Trailer from GeckoMoviesCom on YouTube

The Coen brothers are back with True Grit: the story of a young girl (Hattie Ross, played by newcomer Hailee Steinfeld) on the search to find her father’s killer, aided by Marshal Reuben J. Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) towards the end of the nineteenth century in the US.

Based on the novels by Charles Portis), True Grit was also adapted for the silver screen back in 1969, starring the perennial cowboy, John Wayne. Lots of hype has surrounded this new offering, mainly thanks to the dynamic duo directing whirlwind that is the Coen brothers and their longstanding relationship with Jeff Bridges. Featuring what promises to be (from what this minute long preview can show us) incredible cinematography thanks to Roger Deakins (DOP for Revolutionary Road, The Reader, No Country For Old Men and House Of Sand And Fog, just to name a few); standout performances from Steinfeld and Bridges and undoubtedly another blockbuster for the brothers.

True Grit is due for release in December.