VICE and Grolsch Film Works have put together this trilogy film featuring directors Harmony Korine, Alexsei Fedorchenko and Jan Kwiecinski. The initial idea comes from Eddy Moretti, VICE’s project director of the film that explains it’s basically a ‘mindfuck’ over the idea of The Fourth Dimension. Some of the most brilliant minds in history have tried to figure out this innexplicable universe, and now it’s time for the unique VICE approach to it.

Each director has 30 minutes to tell a story around the idea of ‘The Fourth Dimension’ with complete creative freedom keeping in mind a set of instructions provided on a brief. The brief contained some of the following instructions: “The film must be the best film ever made”; “There must be a blur between what is real and fake”; “We must never know the truth”. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding that maybe in the end you won’t understand anything of what you just saw. Clearly the project is not about logic or rationale approach to this parallel universe, but to experiment and blur the lines, the same way this Fourth Dimension understanding is completely blurry for a lot of us.

All three filmmakers were picked mainly because they have a very unique approach to characters and storytelling and the weirdness of the brief itself just enhanced the whole experience from the making to the outcome. If after watching it you feel transformed, transfixed, excited or even afraid of your own potential as a human being, don’t worry; that’ exactly how you should feel, because that was the last point of the initial brief.