A new Harmony Korine film is always cause for celebration, and Spring Breakers is definitely no exception. While the trailer offers many reasons to hope for the best, there are also a few to cause legitimate concern. Like the number of times characters say “spring break” (10). Or y’all (8). Or “spring break bitches!” (1). Add to that the fact that the plot involves former (recent) child stars, James Franco, and the state of Florida and one its most hallowed traditions, and you have an excellent argument against prematurely getting your hopes up.

In the very capable hands of Harmony Korine, the concept of jailbait Disney actresses and James Franco playing a redneck thug seems way less scary than it would if someone else was at the helm. But the very qualities that make Spring Breakers seem as though it’ll go the route of Gummo and not Showgirls are also the ones that could sink it. Let’s review what could make — or break — Spring Breakers based on little more than its first official trailer.

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