“Do you like to read? If not feel free to turn this off and don’t bother watching it,” is how the witty Bob Balaban introduces a four-minute sneak peek of Wes Anderson’s newest animations from the film Moonrise Kingdom.

When directing his latest film, Anderson wanted more. Still sick with the animation bug, he craved for his main character, Suzy Bishop, to have her picture books come to life. Though in the end he opted out of having the stories become visuals for the film, Anderson worked with various artists to allow the six fantastical tales jump off the page.

The audience gets a quick glimpse of the cover art of each book and then a clip that follows. Each of the six clips tells a different story and uses distinctive animation techniques to provide a preview of each anecdote.

Going from dull colors to bold palettes, snarky stories to somber plotlines and zoomed in scans to full view — these tales provide a true insight into the imagination of Bishop and Anderson himself.

Unfortunately we can’t embed the video but you can watch it here!