Borrowing clothes from friends is a bonding experience; you get to wear cool new stuff without having to pay, and they have the right to draw blood if you damage it in the process of wearing it. All in all, a beautiful way to cement a friendship. San Francisco band Imperial Teen have taken this one step further by holding a gender-bending clothes swap party in their new music video for Runaway.

Directed by Andrew G. Mueller, this clip features scenes of men in dresses, women in baggy shirts and DIY disguise face masks. Pastel colored patterns and lyrics are superimposed over the images, and thanks to that and the sweet boppiness of the song you’ll be singing along in no time. This is definitely a video easy on the ears and easy on the eyes. You can’t really go wrong with stop motion changes of clothes. This is one party you’ll wish you were a part of.

Runaway is the first track from Imperial Teen’s January release ‘Feel The Sound’. This is only their fifth album over the band’s 16 year history, and it will surely make all lovers of indie pop very happy indeed.

Imperial Teen are playing at the Noise Pop 2012 festival in San Francisco in late February.