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Ellen Page And Alexander Skarsgard Speak To Us About Being Anarchists In The East

By Jenna Hawkins in Film / / March 28, 2013

Portable spoke to Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard at SXSW about their amazing new film The East, very important and relevant modern commentary on the state of the world we live in.View Now

Jeffrey Schwarz’s I AM DIVINE Is An Inspirational Tale Of Drag Superstardom

By Kenny Chy in Film / / March 23, 2013

Portable was fortunate enough to talk to the very sweet and humble director and producer, Jeffrey Schwarz, about his film I Am Divine and the inspirational man who would pave the way for misfits everywhere.View Now

Good Night: We Speak To Sean Gallagher, Alex Karpovsky And Jonny Mars About Their Beautiful New Film At SXSW

By Kat George in Film / / March 15, 2013

I was lucky enough to sit down with Good Night writer and director Sean Gallagher, actor and producer Jonny Mars and actor Alex Karpovsky (who you might know as Ray from a show called Girls), at SXSW, and inbetween my exhausted, delirious gushing, ask them some questions about the film...View Now

Scenic Route’s Failed Allegory: A Review Of The SXSW World Premier

By Kat George in Film / / March 10, 2013

Scenic Route, essentially, is a movie for bros masquerading as meaningful indie.View Now

Meet Your New Best Girlfriend: Boy Friend’s Christa Palazzolo

By Nicole Schlomann in Music / / February 05, 2013

As an identical twin and half of Austin band Boy Friend, front-woman and painter Christa Palazzolo has been no stranger to dualism. Portable talked to her about balancing art mediums, what to expect from the new record, and the connotations of the word "new age."View Now

Nina Conti’s Voice

By Kenny Chy in Film / / April 21, 2012

Comedian Nina Conti directs herself in the new documentary "Her Master's Voice" which sees her questioning her decision to give up ventriloquism after her mentor, Ken Campbell, passes away.View Now
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Prostitution With a Cherry on Top

By brodie in Film / / March 20, 2012

We talked to Charity Miller, the writer of comedy short Cherry on Top, after the film's premiere at SXSW's Midnight Shorts program.View Now

5 Minutes With Taiwan Oyster

By brodie in Film / / March 19, 2012

A dark comedy that earned many a fan down in Austin, the Taiwan Oyster is set to make Billy Harvey and Jeff Palmiotti household names. Before that happens, we checked in with the actors to ask them our SXSW-inspired rapid-fire questions.View Now

Sun Don’t Shine: SXSW Reactions

By Jade Sarita Arnott in Film / / March 16, 2012

Right up until its premiere at SXSW over the weekend, the plot of the latest feature film from indie darling triple threat Amy Seimetz was kept totally secret—and rightly so. Sun Don't Shine stars Kate Lyn Sheil and Kentucker Audley as a couple facing significant obstacles in their dysfunctional relationship.View Now

Somebody Up There Likes Me: 100 Word Review

By brodie in Film / / March 16, 2012

It may star TV's favorite soft-hearted Libertarian father figure, but don't expect writer/director Bob Byington's latest feature to play along with standard comedy rules. View Now

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