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The Best English and Irish Presenters And What To Drink While You’re Watching Them

By Louisa Shadforth in Culture / , / June 13, 2013

In a telesphere crammed full of ‘scripted reality’ and voyeuristic crap about people who are alive for the sake of being watched it’s nice to find sources of entertainment that challenge our tabloid-soaked minds. These Irish and British presenters tackle a multitude of topics like neo-Nazis, childbirth, shipwrecks, crafting the perfect sponge cake and so much more. So, tune in, old bean and get acquainted with the wonderful world of perfectly enunciated vowels and explore some newfound territory from Ol’Blighty.View Now

America vs. England: Battle of the Sitcom Remake

By Karys McEwen in Culture / , / April 18, 2013

Hear ye, today we wholeheartedly implore America to STOP remaking British sitcoms and stick to their own, original, brilliant ideas.View Now

Portable’s Top 10 British Films

By Karys McEwen in Film / / September 18, 2012

With everything from Cockney gangsters to costume dramas, we present a list of the top British films according to Portable. View Now

Polly Borland Transforms Herself For A Documentary

By Laura Pulgarin in Uncategorized / / September 04, 2012

Having photographed everyone from The Queen to Gwendoline Christie, Polly Borland is known for her portraiture and what people refer to as "offbeat reportage."View Now

EXCLUSIVE: Oggy Yordanov’s Kaleidoscope

By Melia Rayner in Fashion / , / August 10, 2012

Bulgarian filmmaker Oggy Yordanov creates a space ace fever dream in his new fashion film.View Now

10 Unique Artists To Know

By Chloe Lykes in Uncategorized / , , , , , / July 17, 2012

Unless you're an artist yourself, it may be hard to find unique art done by an actual artist at a price that the common person can actually afford. View Now

Kate Nash Goes Riot Grrrl

By laurenv in Music / / June 18, 2012

Is that 90's riot grrrl stage still a thing? Apparently so. Kate Nash has gone for it anyway, in a new track, 'UNDER-ESTIMATE THE GIRL', that is a far cry from the Kate Nash we know.View Now

Two Wounded Birds Stab Bandmate In Forest

By matt in Music / / June 08, 2012

It’s hipsters on holiday, as Two Wounded Birds wander through the English countryside to commit murder. Wait, what? View Now

Guilty Pleasures: Cher Lloyd Wants You Back

By Jay Gabler in Music / / June 07, 2012

Cher Lloyd shows what you can do with common denominators when you just multiply yourself by enough of them.View Now

The Portable Guide To Britpop, Innit

By nerida in Music / / May 07, 2012

Portable brings you the best of the Brits in this celebration of all things 1990s England.View Now

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