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NYFW S/S 2014: A Brave New Landscape Inspires CZAR

By Kim Jenkins in Fashion / / September 10, 2013

No stranger to risks, Galindo's tinkering with ambitious prints and balance of architectural and freeform lines show that the 22-year fashion veteran is interested in nothing more than having fun with making a woman feel beautiful and free.View Now
Directors Early Works David Lynch Portable Header

More Surprising Early Works From Filmmakers You Love

By Melia Rayner in Film / / June 21, 2013

Ghost writing has become just another rite of passage for aspiring writers. And not just ghost-writing – plenty of now famous filmmakers were happy to remain anonymous for their early outputs…View Now

The Worst Attempts at New York and New Jersey Accents in Film

By Lou Perez in Film / / June 18, 2013

Here are the actors whose failed attempts at New York and New Jersey accents will live on long after my tank tops have decomposed.View Now

Unforgiven: The Quality of Mercy, Mad Men Season 6, Episode 12 Recap

By Jana Pollack in Culture / / June 17, 2013

In The Merchant of Venice, Portia tries to save her father from the punishment of delivering a pound of his own flesh, and “the quality of mercy is not strain’d” is the moving speech she delivers in her father’s defense. In this week’s episode of Mad Men, Don is shown a certain quality of mercy, but it’s a murky one.View Now
Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 27, 2013

The Best and Worst Outfits of Lena Dunham’s Instagram

By Jana Pollack in Fashion / / June 12, 2013

The best thing about Lena Dunham's Instagram is her penchant for posting outfit selfies. Journey with me as I offer my opinion on some of Lena’s most dynamic outfit selfies – as if we really were best friends, which maybe we will be someday (please God).View Now

Red Handcuffs: Ellen von Unwerth’s Latest Film For Vs. Magazine Bleeds Raw Sexuality

By Kim Jenkins in Fashion / / June 07, 2013

Ellen von Unwerth latest fashion film, Red Handcuffs, starring Remer, keeps in step with von Unwerth's signature style of apologetic, raw sexuality that bleeds through her photographic and cinematic lens from a carefully curated list of models and performers.View Now

Reasons Why Mad Men’s Bob Benson Is The Smoke Monster From Lost

By Kat George in Culture / / June 05, 2013

After his comment to a panicking Ginsberg this week — "You can’t put yourself in the right place at the right time. You gotta be in the right place all the time" — I've never been more convinced of the enigmatic Bob Benson's smoke monsteryness, given that the Smoke Monster was paragon of right place/time punctuality.View Now

Lady Gaga’s Craziest Promo Posters

By Whitney Weiss in Culture / / May 31, 2013

Lady Gaga's poster as Lady Chameleon in Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills has just been released, so here's a collection of some of the crazier moments in Lady Gaga promotional materials over the years.View Now

Ranking Don Draper’s Compatibility To His Many Mistresses

By Carrie Wittmer in Culture / / May 30, 2013

He might be a horrible, selfish, loveable, self-destructive man with a dark past but at least he listens to women. Don Draper hasn’t actually slept with as many women as I assumed he had — compared to the cast of Sex and the City he gets laid as often as Michael Bluth.View Now

Summer Camp & Summer Sirens: Mad Men, Season 6, Episode 9 Recap, “The Better Half”

By Jana Pollack in Culture / / May 28, 2013

This week’s episode of Mad Men was all about pairs. In the office, there is still the polarizing pair of Ted and Don, and other pairs are everywhere – Roger’s grandson and his son, his daughter and his ex-lover, Peggy and Ted. And at home, we have Betty and Henry and Betty and Don.View Now

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