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tvguide to election_promo


By Kasturi Shan in Film / / October 04, 2012

With the presidential election looming, we decided to share with you our favourite political themed films and shows. View Now
Holly Thomas Headshot_PhotoCindyThornley

Holly Thomas: What We’re Watching

By brodie in Culture / / January 27, 2012

When it comes to the style scene in Washington, D.C. there's only one woman worth talking to. No, not Michelle Obama—we can get her Jason Wu dresses at Target now—we're talking about Holly Thomas. In this week's What We're Watching, Holly shares a selection of her favorite web videos with Portable readers.View Now
Protect The Internet

Don’t Break Our Internet

By lauren in Uncategorized / / November 18, 2011

The Internet is under threat and this time there’s no blaming it on the big bad communist wolves. The new world fight to save freedom of speech has found a new opponent in the form of Bill S.968, otherwise known as the PROTECT IP Act, which is currently under consideration in the US senate.View Now

Wild Flag: Bad News Band

By jenniferz in Music / / October 24, 2011

Our dream BFFs Wild Flag are back with more wacky antics. In Electric Band, they're decked out in canary-yellow baseball uniforms, pitted against a team of ball-playing bears.View Now

Fall In Love With Wild Flag

By jenniferz in Music / / September 07, 2011

Four of the most adored women in indie-rock are back with all new reasons to love them.View Now

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