Victor Yambao: Capturing the Visceral through Pop Culture

By Alida Miranda-Wolff in Photography

"All these modern surrealist artists just paint without trying to do anything but attract your attention. And that’s really interesting to me — I don’t want to know the meaning or message, I just want to be attracted." View Now

An Interview with Poet/Model Greta Bellamacina on her Creative Output

By Karys McEwen in Photography

"I have spent the whole summer in the library absorbed by ancient literature." View Now

Maria Baoli: Spontaneous, Eclectic, Mysterious (NSFW)

By Caitlin Confort in Photography

"I love the eternal aspect of film photography. I like that you are not able to erase the failed pictures..." View Now

Rebecca Rijsdijk: Messy, Dramatic and Intuitive

By Caitlin Confort in Photography

"I’ve always dreamed about a life on the road, camping out in the woods and sleeping under the stars, being a writer. Leaving had always seemed 'unrealistic,' 'irresponsible', ‘impossible’— until I walked out the door." View Now
Portable Studios Jimmy McGilchrist-3

Building New Worlds with Jimmy McGilchrist

By Melia Rayner in Photography

As an artist, entrepreneur and technology innovator, South Australian artist Jimmy McGilchrist is not afraid of new worlds. View Now

Laura Manfre Illustrates Snacks (and Other Pretty Things)

By Karys McEwen in Illustration, Photography

We know the French love their grub, and Laura Manfre (an illustrator based in France) is reinforcing that stereotype through her art. View Now

Monika Mogi Photographs Girlhood

By Karys McEwen in Photography

Monikia Mogi's photographs project a sense of dreaminess, mystery and general girl shenanigans. View Now

Daniel Sannwald, German Dreamcatcher (NSFW)

By Thomas Beauford in Photography, Music

Sannwald’s brand of perfection prompts pause and applause — an effect that defines not just to his work on John Legend's “Made to Love,” but highlights his ability to overcome our instinct to click, consume and carry on. View Now

5 Contemporary Artists Who Use Clothing As Their Muse

By alex in Photography

To some, clothing is more than something you merely place on your body. A garment becomes an object that can represent countless meanings and interpretations to the onlooker. This is especially true when fashion crosses over to the art realm where it is given an entirely new definition. View Now

10 Female Photographers Under 30 You Need To Follow Now

By alex in Photography

We love to see sisters doing it for themselves, and indeed, for each other. That's why, in a landscape where a lot of creative industry is male dominated, we're so keen to champion women (both young and old) who are making a mark in their chosen field. In this case, here are some young women whose photography has absolutely captivated and inspired us; 10 female photographers under 30 that you should definitely know about if you don't already... View Now

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