The Land Down Under is a country synonymous with abundance. They’ve got sunshine in spades, a plethora of beaches, and a laid back je ne sais quoi that’s all too endearing abroad. Aussies are well known for that ‘no worries’ approach to life’s curve balls, and a ‘no-guts, no-glory’ attitude to a bit of hard yakka (that’s ‘Strayn for ‘work’). Armed with a discerning eye for beauty, an unrelenting passion for creativity, and a particular fondness for throwing it all in a suitcase and roaming the world, Australia is a nation that is perpetually bursting with assets. As part of their patchwork quilt of resources, the sun burnt country is home to a few promising creatives.

Fueled by a desire to do and be more, Australia’s fashion photography collective is a tight-knit club that casts a wide net. Dispersed throughout the country’s vast terrain, sometimes it’s hard to form a connection with a like-minded soul, let alone display your work in a public forum.

Using a typical Generation Y internet savvy, a professional mindset past their biological ages, and a youthful wild-eyed wonder to hone their photographic skills, this small round-up of young Australian fashion photographers have gone from Tumblr fame to shooting for high-end publishers and fashion labels, just by harnessing the tools at their fingertips and keyboards. Meet five fashion photographers after our hearts, all under the age of 25.