Aimee Han is many things: photographer, filmmaker, publisher, global wanderer, dreamer. From an early interest in photography to developing her craft across platforms, Aimee epitomizes the idea of doing something simply because you adore it. Her works are neither pretentious or obvious, and within her professional and personal collections there’s a world that springs up all around you, drawing you gently in.

This world is all in the details; the wisp of unkempt hair in a portrait, the light leak through a faded curtain. Bringing out each element in an image can make for disconcerting viewing, but Aimee uses her the camera’s attention to detail to give her photographs a personal feeling, letting you in on her secrets rather than covering them up.

Aimee’s photographs take us on a journey through documentary and dreamland, so let your eyes and mind go walkabout through the collection of her works and her thoughts about them.

For more goodness, her online portfolio is here.