Alice Connew didn’t always live the life of an action film star. But then an earthquake, a raging house fire, volcanic ash and a Christmas tornado all made their way into her days. And with all that frenzy, she decided it was time for a change.

Alice Connew hasn’t always lived in Berlin. She’s was raised in Wellington, studied in Christchurch, moved to Melbourne, went back and forth to London, travelled to LA and then finally settled in Berlin. Phew! But for her, the German capital represented the first city she was going to be grounded in for an extended period, and so she started suitably documenting her new, less nomadic life.

Alice Connew wasn’t always a photographer. Sure, she’d always been attracted to the form, and had dabbled in her early years. But eventually she came to realise it was the perfect way to maintain a sense of creativity in her otherwise hectic life. She started a photography blog, and a beautiful one at that, which has gained the attention of many a follower.

And all of these twists and turns reflect on Alice’s greatest strength and intrigue as a photographer; the fact that her work is never stilted or boring, but instead full of little quirks and unexpected surprises. Just like her life.