Taking a portrait is a game Anna Huix chooses to play. It’s the search of a single moment that keeps her wanting more from her art. And when she finds what she’s looking for in a subject, she feels as if she has won the game.

Anna is a photographer inspired by people, not because they’re all different; but because they’re all the same. Her travels, whether to the Karakoram, the Comunidad Valenciana or beyond, have taught her that while we may all sport varied shells, no matter where we live or come from, we all have something in common. Whether this be a sense of humour, traditions and folklore, or just the simple notion of family; Anna is set on capturing the shared experiences of humanity on camera.

Hailing from Barcelona, Anna lived in Paris and went on to study in New York. But this is only just the beginning of her wanderlust existence. Her photography has been exhibited everywhere from Russia to Milan, and her most recent projects have taken her travelling with writer Simón Elías and painter Manel Anoro. She now lives in London, at least whenever she can bear to brave the cold.

Portable spoke to Anna about her scientific family, her recent projects in Pakistan and beyond, and the three things she believes you’ll never learn in the classroom.