Arvida Bystrom’s photos are like the badass delinquent you always wanted to befriend but were openly terrified of. They’ll stare straight through you as you shrink in the corner, but you’ll find yourself drawn to them, looking for the truths hidden under that brash surface.

The Stockholm based photographer is know for a distinctive style, and her recent photoshoot for Vice, There Will Be Blood is the perfect introduction to Bystrom’s portfolio: it’s sharp, relevant, sometimes uncomfortable and often darkly humorous. Bystrom doesn’t take anything too seriously, but it’s this playfulness against the bold subject matter that makes the biggest political statements.

We were lucky enough to speak with Arvida about her growing portfolio and put together a visual summary of works. If you want more, luckily Bystrom is a self-confessed lover of the Internet, and her Tumblr is filled with more artistic goodies.