Portable: What do you find most challenging about your job? Is there an aspect that you dislike the most?

Ben Clement: The challenge has always been staying original and fresh. Especially with the creative world booming and the Internet being the source for so many trends and copycats. It’s hard to stay noticed and at the same time not lose your mind in it all. I dislike the Internet the most.

P: What comes most naturally to you in your work? Is there a piece you’re most proud of?

Ben Clement: Being candid and behind the scenes feels more natural to me than anything else. I’ve always been quiet and reserved so its something I’ve just adapted to my work. There are a few pieces I’m in love with they haven’t reached the Internet yet. One [piece] comes to mind — walked out of my friends apartment in the Lower East Side and was about to take the first shot on a brand new camera when a bunch of BMX kids rode around the corner dodging traffic I basically held my camera up with a second to think and captured the moment. Hopefully the image sees the light of day someday soon. Also a certain shot of my good friend Kimbra is something I’m super proud of.