In ‘Western Frieze‘, Bryan Schutmaat—who began shooting photography in 2003—explores his idea and perspective of the American West, a place that is filled with lonely landscapes, sleepy towns, wilderness and mystique.

Putting forth images of America’s landscape and roadside culture, Schutmaat conveys a fascinating vision of the American identity. He states that even “though much of the West has been populated, paved over, and commercialized, I believe it still retains this mystique [of wilderness] in various forms”.

His undeniable talent to capture raw scenes in this series is evident by showcasing a number of unoccupied spaces—as though civilisation had suddenly disappeared from existence and time had frozen. Despite the vacancy of humans however, his images still elicit traces of a lingering humanity which what makes this photo series so eerie, stunning and completely mesmerising.

via bumbumbum