Art and photography alike provide a sense of escapism to its creators and viewers. A beautiful and effective photo is able to transport its audience into another world. For its creator, a photo is able to grasp an inspirational idea or a magical moment that is stimulating enough to capture. Buenaventura Marco came to photography after a bad breakup and being un-motivated with music, and with his camera on hand he was able to start a new journey.

Marco’s photos are all about light, as he mentions that since he began taking photos his focus has been on using natural lighting. With many of his subjects captured facing away from the camera his photos have a reflective quality to them, which may also be attributed to the fact that most are taken outdoors and in nature.

When asked what inspires his photos, Marco mentions that he loves that photography offers an “otherworldly sense of altered reality.” With his camera, Marco is able to make even the simplest of rooms appear magical and somehow he also further enhances the beauty of nature.