Istanbul based photographer Can Dagarslani wasn’t always interested in capturing moments, but rather places to hold some of life’s most memorable experiences. Having initially studied architecture, it wasn’t until the now 28 year old began to survey potential building sites that he saw something different behind the lens, something that was more than just a potential physical building ground, instead he saw the possibility of the transient nature of spaces and more importantly how this creates art.

Inspired by his architectural knowledge and his admiration of Jean-Luc Godard, these elements have become key aspects defining his style which fuses both architectural landscapes in some of Europe’s most breathtaking cities with femininity and the womens beauty. Dagarslani explains his work by stating, “people can easily perceive desire of depicting human’s inner sensation by using expressive colors and natural light,” which he does with his meticulously curated imagery. Portable spoke to the creative about his fascination with female subjects, his love of travelling to ‘invisible cities’ and his curation process.

Portable: You seem to work repeatedly with certain female subjects. What are you trying to capture and convey in your photography and what are the meanings and motivations behind the way she is dressed/ positioned/ cast in darkness or shadow?

Can Dagarslani: I try to tell the truth about the human attitude, the truth as i see through my camera. I always tell the model keep to be seen and dress genuine, at the same time she should draw the viewer into her inner world. When you shoot somebody, it’s not only freezing the moment, you also expose the soul behind model’s existence. That’s precisely what captures my interest; the idea of diving deeper into the secrets of human conditions. So that anyone could dream about the rest.

P: Are you saying anything about female beauty in general?

Can Dagarslani: A pretty woman is not a subject for me.  She is a story fulfilled with fresh air and soft colours. I love capturing the delicate beauty of woman revealed from her uniqueness soul. The story behind beauty of  femininity flawlessly moves and makes me have goosebumps all over my skin. That’s why I have always enjoyed it a lot and tried to stay close to it.

P: You seem to travel a lot; is this specifically for your photography? In your opinion, which has been the best place to shoot and why?

Can Dagarslani: I’m an architect and photographer, so I need to explore invisible cities. The world is big but not a bad place. It worths to see every piece of it. I try to seek out relationship between the city and inhabitant during my travels. I had the feeling that Iceland would be the perfect place to shoot. It’s like an illustration of my dreams. It encapsulates a very specific landscape filled with crisp colours that gives me a perfect background for my photography.

P: What are your ideal conditions for a photo and what do you want others to notice when they are looking at your photography?

Can Dagarslani: Natural light and crisp colours are two of the components very prominent in my photography. Rather than creating extraordinary compositions, I try to show the natural unnoticed beauty of human and places. Therefore, the viewers never have that ” woww! ” factor but they see themselves in their purest forms, that’s why they are easily impressed. Perhaps that’s my way of thinking out loud. Anyway i like to capture the fragile relationship between natural light and human body.