Hailing from a small town in Connecticut, 21 year-old photographer Carli Freeman, now based in New Haven where she studies the medium at Southern CT State University, creates a very honest and fascinatingly dark world for her subjects to reside in. With an emphasis on black and white photography and raw sensibilities, Freeman marries words with her images, creating narrative series’ with plots and fictional aspects drawing on real life experiences.

For her latest series, Me Without You, Freeman draws on the feelings of loss and abandonment and the motions of recovery which are emphasised by the simplicity of the black and white imagery and grainy exposure. Further to this series, Freeman’s work captures moments in time, unique in their candidness and naturally beautiful elements while also placing importance on what is truly on her subject’s minds.

Me Without You

I swear that I dreamt of your face the most vividly I ever have right before you left. Every piece of hair,
the way your pupils got bigger as the sun went down, the length of your eyelashes.
It’s been two weeks,
and eight days-
I wish I didn’t know that.

Memories of you have been sucked out of my chest
as if somebody tried to clean my soul. I don’t think it will ever be completely clean-
I feel heavier than ever before.

I now find myself caught between the hard edges of the cigarette mark you accidentally burned into my favorite sheet.
I was once that hole as I melted underneath you and formed a bond that was a little
burnt around the edges.
That part of me is still stuck to you with a force that only exists in outer space.

Some of the petals fall from the dying daisies you gave me.
The rest I pluck out myself;
you love me not.

Everything you left behind
is a constant reminder
that now -
It’s me without you.