Catherine Scrivener creates a visual diary with her photography, weaving together the quirks of her everyday life to produce images that are darkly humorous and captivatingly ordinary. The models are her friends, and the subject matter comes in all shapes and sizes, from her neighbour’s cat to costume-clad puppies, damning graffiti and disco balls. And while she has shot in New York, her photography on the whole is very London-centric. She is able to sum up the eclecticism and wantonness of the city with what seems like only a nonchalant shutter snap.

Catherine has also branched into more stylised studio work, photographing friend and designer Daniel Welsh wearing his fake dog poo designs in a series titled You can polish a Turd. With hopes of launching a zine, as well as other collaborative projects on the go, Catherine has a lot to look forward to. And because her work is so much fun, we do too.

Portable spoke to Catherine recently about her cliché (but nonetheless brilliant) inspirations, her love of 35mm film, the difficulties facing young photographers and why she prefers to work solely with stills.