Dawn Tan is a Melbourne-based artist whose blog, Handmade Love, is a joyous celebration of all things…well…handmade. A quick scroll through her posts and one thing is blindingly clear: Dawn loves food. She loves shopping for it, reading and writing about it, photographing it, cooking it, drawing and painting it and, most recently, stuffing and wearing it.

Using enormous amounts of fabric and stuffing, Dawn has set about bringing her favourite foods to life. So far she’s created human-sized, plush versions of tea bags, marshmallows, muesli bars and parmesan cheese. The next one we can expect is a 3-metre-high recreation of a Ritz cracker box that is sure to envelop her studio in cushion-y goodness.








You can purchse some of Dawn’s work here, and donate any old pillows or blankets to her project here.