21-year-old Berlin bred photographer Dennis Greenberg‘s work seems like it should be in a group exhibition, spanning many different artists with varying tastes, aesthetics and preferences, however that’s how he likes it. Coming from a background in mathematical patterns, much of Greenberg’s work is architectural, drawing on what his hometown has to offer, juxtaposing man-made clean lines with natural shadows and fleeting moments in time.

When asked whose work he admires, Greenberg simply drew an infinity sign, going on to reveal his love for photographer James Nachtwey, “because he is striving for positive change,” and Picasso, “not for his art, but for the artistic middle-finger, he could paint like nobody but decided to paint like everybody; in his way. Generally I respect people who make their ideas happen.”

Expressing himself through many creative outlets such as “painting, writing, poetry, singing and playing guitar,” Greenberg clearly has a diverse range of interests to draw inspiration from, which only lend to a more interesting and unexpected portfolio. From black and white imagery, to graffitied pop culture references and intimate moments of youth and destruction, Greenberg’s work is full of twists and turns for the curious consumer.