Dominique Franks is a photographer you can’t help but feel envious of. Her pictures are of the subtle and natural beauty in her immediate surrounds: friends, stacks of vintage wares, urban landscapes, windowsills and summer days. She projects a carefree existence, far from any nine to five or dreary responsibility and she captures these details of a life worth living, preserving them on film forever. Her work isn’t all shallow prettiness either; rather it strikes a perfect balance between idyllic poetry and a down-to-earth grittiness. Her photographs are where you’d rather be.

Dominique hails from sunny QLD and now lives in the bustle of Melbourne, and this transition from small-town girl to city slicker comes together to inform her work to stunning effect. But whether it’s a city skyline or flowers growing from an old suitcase; she continually explores what looks ordinary to the eye and what can look beautiful through a lens. You can tell immediately by her subject matter Dominique the kind of person who appreciates the simple things in life, and she even confesses that her love of photography comes from being thankful for a single moment and wanting to capture it eternally.

We recently spoke to Dominique about what digital photographers often miss, her budding fashion label, and why she never leaves her beloved Pentax at home.