How do you even handle this much colour? Pushing pop art’s horizons of hue is Takun Williams aka Technodrome. Williams is an artist who specialises in taking images of celebrities and vectoring them in a pallate like a candy store rainbow. It’s hard to imagine Black Swan‘s Nina Sayers as flourescent but Williams is fearless in giving Natalie Portman the same jagged, flaming and future camo-looking treatment as hip hop icons Pharrell Williams, Dr. Dre, M.I.A. and Tupac.

It seems fair to say that nothing is sacred for this Brooklyn-based bro. Not only are messiness and a kind of vulgarity essential to his style, he works with the casual air a guy whose creative momentum is equal to his celebrity fandom. It’s divisive in the way all pop art begs questions of whether it’s art or design but watch out for his earlier work because it can be NSFW.