22 year old Melbourne based photographer Gina Nero is not phased by her counterparts’ work; nor is she concerned about being trendy or following the latest stylistic movement. While many photographers of late are opting for softly lit, lo-fi imagery, Nero has taken it upon herself to discover cultures and people usually untouched be the masses, and especially people her own age, in a crisp and refreshing manner.

Recently travelling to the United States, Nero embarked on an adventure off the beaten track to discover true suburban life and the people who carry on day to day in the often bleak yet surprisingly magical surroundings. Even within her hometown of Melbourne, Nero has explored rapidly evolving Sudanese culture, and is also fascinated and inspired by the art of reggae, zouk and dancehall genres. Nero’s captivating ability to approach sometimes confronting individuals and engage them to be part of her works is another interesting aspect to what she does, and instead of capturing a secret or unplanned moment, there is a certainty and honesty to the way her subjects are placed in the frame. Furthermore, Nero’s more stylised works are avant garde to say the least, with one project in particular replacing sweets with raw meats. In an age when the way people look is of such high importance, Nero is unveiling that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.