In the photographs of Italian artist Ilaria Luciani, we are made privy to the inner sanctum of femininity where girls and women languish in oceans and bathtubs, hair is kept long, and emotion teeters just below the surface of what we see.

Born in Milano, interior decorator Ilaria lives in Reggio Calabria with her husband and “a big fat cat named Apple”. While her father, who always took pictures on their family vacations, influenced her artistic direction, her career trajectory was spurred on just five years ago, when a friend saw her travel pictures from a trip to London and encouraged her to publish and sell her work. “That was something I had not even thought of, and since then I never stopped.”

In order to best capture her view of Italy, only rarely is Ilaria not armed with her Canon 5D Mark II or Leica D-Lux 5. “Sometimes I don’t have the opportunity to have them with me,”  she explained to us, “When this happens, even to the supermarket or post office, I shot with my iPhone. I feel never naked in this way.”

When we asked Ilaria what it was about the way she saw the world that made her pictures so special, she mused:

Good question. So good that I think I still don’t have the answer ,and this is why I need to continue to shoot. Photography is a journey, a path changing. My pictures are different from those of three years ago, and in three years they will be different again, and again. We grow, and our photos grow with us. What excites us today is not the same in ten years, but a photo will make us relive the same emotions. It’s life’s job to give surprises.