Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, Jared Brown has since set off on an adventure to the other side of the pond, something he notes is integral to his creative process. Now based in East London, Brown has a new, slightly bleeker landscape to explore for his luscious imagery filled with rich colors and intimate back stories, however despite the vast change, he has managed to produce some of his most endearing and captivating imagery to date.

Understanding his limitations has meant that Brown has evolved since his early photographs which focus on the great outdoors, an indispensible resource that was at his fingertips in his hometown. Since moving to London, people have become more prominent figures in Brown’s work, however he still shys away from his urban surroundings, opting for the minimal natural beauties London and its surrounds have to offer.

Inspired by “adventures, being in the moment and trying to capture events and places that tell a story,” Brown’s crisp technique fused with a love of nostalgia makes for an interesting combination, steering clear from the over saturated, lo-fi images of late and instead focusing on a modern time that yearns for the simplicity of the past.