With so much technology offered when it comes to taking photos, many photographers have forgotten about the darkroom and its wonders. This is not the case for Joanna Pallaris, whose photographs have a vintage feel that seems almost out of place in today’s photo culture as she acts on her inspiration and embraces the mistakes that lead to something fresh or unusual.

Analog is her passion and Pallaris leaves a lot of the experimentation with her photos to the darkroom. Her photos are haunting and because film allows her to explore different possibilities with long exposures and double exposures, her work is always surprising and new. Pallaris mentions that to her, film photography is poetic and magical, something that digital is not.

With her inspiration varying and changing all the time, Pallaris’ photos capture fleeting moments that seem to come to her in dreams and visions. Transfixed with the art of photography from a young age, Pallaris always leaves room for improvement as she pours her emotions and dreams into her work and creates ethereal photos.