Portable: When did you first pick up a camera, and why?

Johanna Lees: My Dad had an old Pentax with a beautiful 50mm lens that my mum had given him when the ‘Auto’ settings broke. Every so often my Dad would get it out and try and teach me or my siblings to use it. I would always just take a few shots of nothing much and give it back. It was over the time when digital was getting big so my Dad didn’t actually use it himself either. It wasn’t until a year into my Photography degree that my Dad actually gave me the camera. What I hadn’t realised was that over the years and those brief encounters with photography, the same one roll of Ilford 3200 had been in the camera! When he gave it to me, I shot the rest of the film and developed it. I didn’t cut roll, so I now have a roll of film that documents my life and my first encounters with photography over a period of about 7 years. About 5 frames from the end, the first shot of my now husband appears, and the last shot is of our first home together. I still find that rather amusing!