At just 20 years old, Joylyn Newell‘s photography spans a wide variety of genres. From portraits, to landscapes, to more niche areas such as fashion, Newell’s work is not about spontaneous moments, but rather about carefully curated moments in time, and finding that harmonious balance between the two. It is crafting the image which Newell finds most fascinating and something she has taken away with her as she expresses her love of film to the moving image more recently.

Born and raised in California, Newell always lived in small towns and communities, something which she explained has given her an appreciation and love for the quiet and slow paced lifestyle. This is evident in her work which frequently draws upon nature and deserted suburbia. However, since relocating closer to Pasadena/Los Angeles, Newell’s more stylized depictions have clearly come through in her work. Newell’s work shows that despite life’s unexpected moments, sometimes what we create can be equally as thrilling.