Sometimes, our spontaneous and out-of-the-blue decisions are the choices we are most happy with. Enter: Katherine Squier, whose random idea to purchase a camera and try photography out as a hobby ended up showing her that she had a talent she didn’t know existed. Like any beginner, Squier didn’t really think about what she was shooting and just took pictures of anything and everything that surrounded her.

One day, when her father was cleaning out the attic he brought down a Canon AE-1, which Squier explained that was the moment when she “started to fall deeper and deeper in love with photography.” Now she carries a point and shoot in her purse and when she sees something interesting she is ready to go at the push of a button a true photographer at heart.

Her spur-of-the-moment decision to purchase a camera has since then brought upon great opportunities beginning with Flickr. Though it’s not Squier’s full time job, she has had frequent thoughts about it, “… I’m afraid to reply on it to ‘pay the bills’ as I don’t want to risk doing all the things I wouldn’t want to do to compromise my passion for it,” explained Squier.

Though she will not be pursuing photography as her full time job, she has not stopped making exciting photo plans for the future. She’s been traveling around Europe for a little over three months and has at least another full month to go; “I’ve been shooting like crazy and I’ve never been so excited as I am now about getting everything developed and then putting together a book. I have seen so many beautiful moments and I can’t wait to share it all,” Squier said.

And we are equally as excited for her upcoming photos. You can find us by our laptop screens refreshing Katherine’s Flickr and Tumblr until we see new photos. Until then… Refresh, refresh, refresh!