Consider Keith Davis Young your tour guide to the underside of Americana culture. With his roots planted firmly in the Southwest, Young has created an ode to contemporary America, the sweeping open plains alongside the shitty roadside diners.

Young’s photos capture a rough charm, more honesty and spirit than superficial style. Young is more interested in ‘the mundane’ of suburbia than the landmarks of popular culture, and his work is all the more interesting for it. There’s a humanity in everything he captures, from the empty parking lots of abandoned shopping malls to the intimacy between locals in a small town. It may be the road less travelled, but it resonates with something deep down in our psyche — we made this, this is our legacy.

We talked with Keith about his Texan upbringing, his influences, and his ’observations of strange things on a daily basis’. He also shared some of his new works with us, which you’ll see throughout the interview.