Photography can be used as an art or as a way to capture a moment. In her photography, Laura Makabresku captures pain, love, happiness and real human feeling. Her photos have a dreamy surreal quality to them, but they are not dreams; the feelings presented in her photos are a reality as she proves that fairy tales can exist.

Makabresku has a special connection to her subject as they are either her boyfriend, herself, or people she knows, as she wants to keep feelings genuine and not posed. Besides people, Makabresku also takes photos of different taxidermy animals, which are part of her home and her photography as they help her feel safe.

Pain and romance are two of the feelings very prominent in Makabresku’s photography, where the sentiments seems almost tangible, and sadness, love and hurt are beautiful. Intimacy is what her photos are about and through Flickr, Tumblr and Blogger she is able to share her delicate creations with the world.