Photography captures people, moments, places, animals and things; but not always does it actually capture a person, what they are feeling and who they truly are. Like many talented photographers, Lauren Marek began taking photos as a hobby and it soon turned into a passion. Her photos are beautiful in the fact that they capture relationships and that special bond that all humans possess. With her camera, Marek is able to transport viewers into her world, which is filled with light, nature, feeling and inspiration.

Every photo in Marek’s collection is unique, with different techniques and usages of light. She mentions that she prefers to work in series because it helps her understand her artistry better. She embraces everything from film to iPhoneography, because when it comes to photography it is accessibility that offers her the chance to capture ethereal photos. It is the fleeting sentiments of life that Marek conveys in her photos, she captures the feelings of her subjects and with a single click she is able to communicate a life and a story.