Whether they’re on the precipice of a tall building, surrounded by a flock of birds or superimposed over calm lakes, the figures in 28 year-old photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski all appear as one with their environments. This is an essential element of Lukasz’s work, who says he always endeavors to “capture the fragile relationship between model and the surrounding.”

The self-taught artist began taking pictures at the age of 12, after being introduced to the medium by his father.

“During my high school years I was involved in making short movies with VHS camera,” he told us, “I came back to my roots and picked up the camera almost four years ago. I started getting deeper into it after a while until I realized that it’s the thing I actually want to do in my life.”

Lukasz’s exploration of the world in his images has resulted in a cohesive portfolio of work exploring nature, friendship and youth using crisp colors and enigmatic subjects.

“I look for this kind of certain attitude, willingness to be guided,” Lukasz says of the subjects he chooses, “I like to know that the person feels comfortable in front of a camera but also someone who doesn’t gravitate towards typical model poses (as I like to call those).”