In 21 year-old photographer Maya Fiala Grau‘s pictures, we are exposed to a view of Spain so rarely seen in any other forms of art. There are no flamenco dancers, running bulls or siestas here, but rather a crisp and contemporary portrait of what it means to be a young person in such a picturesque pocket of the world.

Maya’s hometown of Cadaqués is the place she returns to (from Barcelona, where she is in her third year studying photography) when she needs inspiration, just as visionaries of the past did.

“It is a really beautiful place,” Maya tells us. “Growing up in it has made me appreciate beauty when I see it. Other notable artists like Mai Fren, Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Henri-François Rey, Melina Mercouri and Mourice Boitel spent time there and their work was inspired by the beauty of the town.”

“I can’t describe the feeling I have while I take a picture,” Maya explained when we ask about the effect her practice has on her. “I lose awareness of everything but the present moment. I forget who I am. I lose all sense of time. When I have my camera with me and something catches my attention (a person or landscape) I have to photograph it. I usually see the picture before I take it.”