Meagan Long, as a young teenager, was drawn to the Internet. During the time of LiveJournal and Myspace, she started to discover virtual influences. Like any other teenager at the time, she thought she easily had the same talents and ability as anyone else on the inter-web. But, the difference between any other teenager and Meagan is that, in fact, she does have the talent.

At fifteen Meagan started dressing her friends and posting the photographs online. That eventually evolved into a entrepreneurship and a steady income by her senior year of high school. In college she majored in photography and worked at a fashion magazine where she would photograph street style photos and editorials. By her senior year of college she was an assistant stylist and staff photographer for a fashion designer—shooting runway shows and clothing lines.

About a year ago she made the move to the big apple and now works full time as a custom framer and art handler. On the side she will do commissioned photo work and is recently shooting a look book for a jewelry designer.